Australian Woman Files Transvaginal Mesh Class Action Lawsuit


A transvaginal mesh class action lawsuit has been filed in Australia and may turn out to be the largest product class action in the country’s history. Lead Plaintiff Julie Davis filed the lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson after suffering devastating side effects from the transvaginal mesh products.

Davis underwent transvaginal mesh surgery to treat pelvic organ prolapse (“POP”)—but rather than finding a cure, she soon began to experience problems. “I just felt unwell all the time,” She told ABC news, “I was in pain, a lot pain, discomfort down below. I also had this feeling – lack of energy, like my body was fighting something all the time.” Davis started to experience pain walking, and painful sex. The physical symptoms took on a psychological toll. Davis started to take antidepressants, and even reported having suicidal thoughts.

Davis’s new urogynaecologist Richard Reid, explained that “the mesh was acting like a cheese grater in her body and had literally rubbed a hole in the wall of her vagina.” The fibrous mesh scar acted like a “grater” on the soft bladder. Davis had the transvaginal mesh surgically removed.

In July 2011, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) issued a transvaginal mesh alert, stating that vaginal mesh products were a “greater risk” with little evidence of improved clinical benefit. Numerous studies have found transvaginal mesh to be linked with high rates of complications and adverse effects. The device was approved to market without clinical testing because it was deemed similar enough to a previously approved model.

Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson subsidiary, issued a recall of its line of Gynecare vaginal mesh products in June 2012. Though the company maintains that the recall was not safety related, the increasing reports of transvaginal mesh injuries suggest otherwise.

The transvaginal mesh class action lawsuit led by Davis was filed on October 14, 2012 in Australian federal court. Approximately 20,000 women in Australia have received transvaginal mesh implants, and like Davis, may soon be seeking compensation and justice.

Transvaginal mesh lawsuits have also been filed against mesh manufacturers in the United States in state and federal courts. Vaginal mesh side effects include erosion of the mesh, painful sexual intercourse, infection, urinary problems, and recurrence of POP. The transvaginal mesh lawyers at Bernstein Liebhard LLP are filing lawsuits on behalf of women who suffered from defective devices. We understand the sensitive nature of pelvic mesh complications and can help guide you through the litigation process. Speak to a pelvic mesh lawyer today for a free and confidential case review and call 1-(888)-217-3033.


  1. Sonia P.
    Sonia P.07-03-2013

    I have both a medical negligence claim and a class action claim, and wondering if you could assist me?

    I had surgery in December 2011, for a collapsed bowel and pelvis.

    He used I believe three different types of mesh; Vycril, Surgipro and Biodesign Surgisis. All three types of mesh and their manufactures are before the U.S. Courts.

    I have had horrific side effects from this surgery including but not limited to:

    (a) Change in eating, i.e. cannot stand the smell or taste of any type of meat.

    (b) My bowel movements are very strange and the things coming out and with i.e. pieces of mesh, blood, mucus, tissue (skin), black and red dots, what looks like cartilage. When I do pass the bowel it feels like razor blades and burning.

    (c) I have headaches, vomiting, and dizziness.

    (d) I have ongoing infections and have been on antibiotics for the past 18 months.

    (e) I have severe pain in the abdomen and pelvis.

    (g) Fever, chills.

    (h) I have been to hospital on three occasions with horrific pain, fever etc.

    Can you please help?

  2. Narelle p
    Narelle p09-22-2014

    Understand how u feel and feel your pain and desperation. U need to have all that mesh removed. After 3 operations they finally got all of mine. Straight away I felt better. No pain no infection. That pain is unbareable. I was put on morphine. It was the only thing that worked. Im sure that drug saved my life id had enough one night and thought about ending the whole thing. Nobody knows what this is like unless they have had it. For months my whole life wasnt mine it belonged to that bloody mesh. I still have prolapse again now and its worse. But I know which I prefer. Get some good pain relief and get that horrible mesh out of your body and then sue the buggers. What those companies have done to people is criminal. Take care. Good family and friends are a god send. I had terrific friends at the time and they were such good support xxx

  3. Jan F
    Jan F08-16-2015

    I had this procedure done in Dec 2014..I have had constant infections ever since, antibiotics and creams haven’t helped..the itch is driving me insane.. no sex since the operation as it’s to painful and I bled when we tried 2 months after the op … I constantly split and bleed during a bowel movement ..not from constipation as the split is between anus and vagina ( more to the opening of my vagina) and stings for hours afterwards.. Can someone help .. I often think ..i could just run off the road and be done with it.. I can’t cope anymore.

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